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I donít know much about cars so it really put me at ease to have The Lemonbuster's come inspect the car I was interested in before I bought it.

Thanks to the inspection I knew everything that was wrong with the car.

I was able to get the car dealer to subtract all the repairs it needed from the selling price before finalizing my purchase.

Lana W.
Wheaton, IL

Why Use The Lemonbuster's Auto Inspection Service?

Why should a used car be inspected before purchase? 

  • Modern vehicles have very extensive mechanical and electrical systems that only a trained technician can troubleshoot and diagnose.  Many problems if not discovered could cost you thousands of dollars to repair after your purchase.  You wouldn’t purchase a home without an inspection - we offer you the same service for your vehicles.  An inspection by one of our Lemonbuster's Certified Vehicle Inspectors saves nearly all our clients much more in the long run than the inspection costs.  Our master technicians are familiar with all types of cars and trucks, everything from upscale foreign cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Lexus to work trucks like Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, and Ford F150, plus everything in between.

  • A Lemonbuster pre-purchase auto inspection is unbiased.  We are not a repair shop and do not perform any repairs, though our inspectors are all certified mechanics.  We inspect a used vehicle for you and tell you the true condition of the used car or truck.  This gives you a completely unbiased evaluation of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing, so you can make the best decision.

  • The Lemonbuster is a mobile inspection facility.  Our inspection vehicles are fully equipped with everything needed to properly inspect the vehicle on location.  In addition to inspecting the physical workings of your vehicle, we bring a full set of diagnostic equipment to thoroughly check the electronically controlled systems. Our certified technicians travel to the car you are interested in at your convenience.  We inspect vehicles located at independent used car lots, new vehicle dealership lots, and at individual sellers' locations.

  • Nearly all used vehicles are sold with an “AS-IS” document, so as a buyer you are responsible for any and all repairs after the sale.  With modern automobiles this can get very expensive very quickly.  Unfortunately it is all too easy to be fooled by a freshly detailed car with a steam-cleaned engine compartment.  These methods are used by sellers to try and enhance the value of a vehicle.  Our experienced, certified technicians check everything about the car you are interested in so you will know what is in need of immediate repair. All reputable sellers and dealers will encourage you to have an unbiased vehicle inspection done before purchase.  In addition, we ease any concern about potentially buying a stolen or damaged vehicle and will help provide a smoother transaction overall.
To receive a vehicle inspection quote or set up an inspection appointment, please call us at our number below see our contact page.  All inspections are completed at your conveniece.  We will view the vehicle as soon as possible, so you can make a quick purchase decision.   If possible please have the year, make, model, location and vehicle identification number (VIN) available when you contact us.
Our Certified Mechanics Inspect Used Cars Before You Buy!
Our Inspections start at only $200.00
Call Today: (224) 366-7584

Inspections within our service area start at $200.00. Our Chicagoland service area includes Northern Cook County including downtown Chicago as far south as midway airport, all of Lake County, all of DuPage County, northern Will County, eastern Kane County and southeastern McHenry County. We can complete some inspections outside our main service area but the price increases substantially due to the travel time involved. If you are calling from outside the Chicago area and need to know if we can complete your inspection, please call.

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