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I live out of state and was interested in a vehicle for sale in Chicagoland on Craigslist.

I had The Lemonbuster’s peform an inspection on the vehicle. They found some major problems with the vehicle.

I was able to pass on the purchase and save a major headache.

I would use The Lemonbuster’s again without hesitation.

Jay A.
Kalamazoo, MI

What Our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections Include

The Lemonbuster's inspection carefully examines and reports on everything you need to know about a vehicle before deciding whether to buy and what price to pay.

We thoroughly inspect the engine, transmission or transaxle, differential(s), transfer case and other drivetrain components.  We inspect the a/c, heating, starting and charging systems, all electrical accessories, and interface with the vehicles on-board diagnostic system. We check the brakes, steering and alignment, cooling system, and exhaust system.  Finally our master technician will inspect the outside and underside of the vehicle, identifying any rust or accident damage.

We now include a 5-10 minute high definition video of the vehicle documenting any damage or issues. Also, we will email you high resolution digital photos for additional documentation of the vehicle. We are the leading the way by being the first to offer an HD Video of the vehicle!

Our master technician will then road test the vehicle and check for proper operation of the engine, transmission, clutch (if applicable), wheel alignment, suspension, brakes, engine performance and functioning odometer.

After the mechanical and visual inspection you will receive a report that clearly lets you know if the vehicle is in need of repair and whether it has had any substantial repairs. 

The Lemonbuster's will also provide you with an AutoCheck Report which is included in the cost of the inspection. The combination of The Lemonbuster's inspection report and the AutoCheck report will give you the most thorough view of the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase.  An AutoCheck or Carfax report by itself cannot determine the actual condition of the vehicle as those only give you information reported to it by other parties - and they are often outdated and very vague.

Our master technician will then take the time to explain the findings of our Lemonbuster's inspection report and the AutoCheck report to you in plain English.  All the positive and negative aspects of purchasing the vehicle and any issues discovered during the inspection are also discussed with you, as well as giving you an approximate estimate for any repairs the vehicle may need. 

The information from our report will allow you to make a knowledgeable decision about whether you wish to purchase the vehicle. The findings of your Lemonbuster's report can also be used to potentially re-negotiate the selling price of the vehicle with the seller.

Our clients have found that they save much more money by hiring The Lemonbuster's to discover hidden problems than our inspections cost. Don't wait until after you purchased a vehicle to uncover mechanical problems! Call us today to schedule your inspection. You'll be glad you did!

Our Certified Mechanics Inspect Used Cars Before You Buy!
Our Inspections start at only $200.00
Call Today: (224) 366-7584

Inspections within our service area start at $200.00. Our Chicagoland service area includes Northern Cook County including downtown Chicago as far south as midway airport, all of Lake County, all of DuPage County, northern Will County, eastern Kane County and southeastern McHenry County. We can complete some inspections outside our main service area but the price increases substantially due to the travel time involved. If you are calling from outside the Chicago area and need to know if we can complete your inspection, please call.

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